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Please click here to read the Terms and Conditions of reservation before receiving your rate quote for information on:

  • rental qualifications and requirements
  • acceptable forms of payment
  • airport fees, facility fees, vehicle licensing fees, etc.
  • age requirements, especially if you are under 25 years of age
  • If you are using a new UK driving license, please bring both the photocard and the paper document with you to the rental counter
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Frequently asked Questions & Answers

Q. How can I check that my booking is confirmed?
A. The reservation confirmation number which appears at the end of the booking process is your confirmation. If you are unsure that your reservation is confirmed, please click here.
Q. What does the price include?
A. The rate includes Collision Damage Waiver (CDW), Theft Protection (TP), Unlimited Mileage (UM), VAT and all Local Taxes & Surcharges.
Q. What is NOT included in the price?
A. Personal Accident Insurance (PAI), Super Collision Damage Waiver (Super CDW), Additional Driver, Fuel, Child Seats and any other ancillary service/product. These items are payable directly to Hertz at the rental counter.
Q. What is CDW?
A. CDW stands for Collision Damage Waiver. This insurance covers you for damage to the Hertz vehicle over and above an excess amount. This amount varies by country of rental. Please ask the Hertz staff when you collect your car. Please click here to view our terms and conditions of reservation which contains this information.
Q. What is TP?
A. TP stands for Theft Protection. This insurance covers you in the event that the car is stolen whilst on rental to you (subject to excess amount).
Q What is an excess amount?
A. The excess amount is the portion of the total damage costs for which the customer is liable if CDW or TP is purchased. Optional insurances are available for purchase to waive this excess liability ( subject to certain conditions)
Q. What do I do if I need to change anything on my booking?
A. Click the "Manage my Booking" tab at the top of the content area
Q. Where do I send / Who do I need to call if I have a query on a previous rental?
A. Please click here to send us an email.
Q. How can I pay for my rental?
A. Hertz accepts all major credit and charge cards. Hertz does not accept debit cards. A credit card in the main driver's name is required for booking and renting the vehicle, however, you may opt to pay by other means (subject to specific terms and conditions being met) at the end of the rental. Please click here to view our terms and conditions of reservation which contains this information.
Q. Can I rent or drive a rental car if I have endorsements on my licence?
A. Conditions vary by country. Click here to view our terms and conditions of reservation which contains this information.
Q. Is there a minimum or maximum rental age?
A. Age requirement vary by country. Please click here to view our terms and conditions of reservation which contains this information.
Q. Is the type/model of car guaranteed?
A. No. Hertz will guarantee to provide cars of similar size and specification within the group reserved.
Q. What happens if the car I booked is not available?
A. Hertz will provide a vehicle in the next available group at no extra charge.
Q. How can I cut the time it takes to complete the rental paperwork?
A. Join the Hertz # 1 Club programme. By pre-filling in one mandate, all your customer details are held on file and by quoting one membership number at time of reservation, your online reservation will be faster and all your paperwork can be completed before you arrive at your destination.
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If we have not answered your questions above, please contact us on the numbers below:

If you are calling from:
United Kingdom 020 7026 0077
Ireland (01) 870 5777
Austria +3531 8133817
Belgium 32 2 717 3201
Czech 420239000471 English Speaking Only
Denmark 45-38487525 English Speaking Only
Finland 358-9-693-79580 English Speaking Only
Germany 01 805 938 814
Hungary 3617774935 English Speaking Only
Italy 00 39 02 696 82445
Latvia 8002357 English Speaking Only
Lithuania 00880030310 English Speaking Only
Netherlands 31 (0) 20 201 3512
Norway 4723162777 English Speaking Only
Poland 008004411801 English Speaking Only
Portugal 351214159345 English Speaking Only
Slovakia 0800004559 English Speaking Only
Spain 34 91 3729300
Sweden 08-501 63 171 English Speaking Only
Switzerland 0 44 654 5367
For all other countries please call +3531 8133817 (English language calls only)